by Clark Kent

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it hurts, it hurts, it doesnt hurt at all


released February 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Clark Kent Takoma Park, Maryland

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Track Name: histamine
when you drive me to the station
I hope ya hit
each and every red light on the way
because I want to be with you
as mountains turn to dust
our hearts stay together

and if I can't breathe when I'm with you
I'll hold my breath

cause histamines can stop me from breathing at your house
but they wont stop me from holding your heart

you take my breath away
you take my breath away
I need you, ok?
Track Name: bones
now that I'm older
winter is colder
bones feel old
and nothing seems to work
little emotion
as time passes slowly
I can't seem to find my place
and get a foothold

what am I doing here
and why do I
there must be a reason
for me
to care

life gives us motion
love, hate and oceans
of uncertainty
and our convictions
if I take a step
will you take a step
and together we can be
a working human being

we'll complete each other
Track Name: p.p.s.
you moved and I lost you
(I come on too strong)
and I never told you
(how I felt at all)

even though we shared some dark times
(we never watched our sunrise)

and I just keep kissing you
(in your room)
and I just keep missing you
(its too soon)

and I can’t stop thinking about the first time
(born ruffians / kurt vonnegut)

and I can’t stop thinking about the last time
(pajama sam / its 4 am)
Track Name: nobody//somebody
feel my heart with nobody

fill my heart with somebody
Track Name: the sun
the sun will always rise
I’ll call

winter in your eyes
I fall

another month to cry
that’s all

the sun will always rise
see me in your eyes
kissed you by surprise
we watch the sun rise
Track Name: fin
driving home is always the same
1 to 32, the left lane
take the highway home
take the highway home

now I know I've grown
see the seasons come and go
see the body go
all that's left is skin and bones